2019 Scoring Card

Entrant ID:
11 pointsYes
14 pointsYes
70 pointsFailPoorOkayGoodGreat
Not Applicable
Safe toolsArrive On TimePaper/Sheets Overall
Safe tool useCheck materialsSheets at gutter
PPE usageSheets straight at gutterParallel to barge
GlassesSheets parallel at flashingsValley straight
HatNo incorrect screwsParallel at junction
GlovesTurned up sheetsSheet turn up
Hi VizAccurate measuringFlashings overall
Tidy siteCorrect marking pencilsAccurate marking out
No cuts/abrasionsCorrect cutting toolsAccurate cutting out
Good housekeepingDetailing correctAccurate folding
MuffsCorrect screw toolsAccurate matching planes
Flashing planes correctQuality of cuts
Completion of projectQuality of folds
as per RANZ guidePotential weather tightness
ModuleTime factor
Time under allocation: Max 27 points
Good quality Lose 1 point per defect for times under an hour
Okay quality Lose 2 points per defect for times under an hour
Poor quality Lose 3 points per defect for times under an hour
Fail quality Lose 4 points per defect for times under an hour
Judges discretion
FINAL SCOREClick Submit Score to update this entrant's record0
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